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Emily: Because... my grandma's from China, and my grandpa's half Chinese too, so I'm... nearly half, and... probably I'm... meant to acknowledge that? But I never have. None of my family really... I don't know. I've always said I'm just plain Aussie regardless of ancestry, because that's how I was raised.
Iris: Well I'm never gonna say that's wrong, am I? Anglos get to say they're Aussie fresh off the boat.
Emily: Yeah, but... you know how I met my... father... last year? And his family?
Iris: The Scottish ones?
Emily: Yeah. I... thought since meeting them... I maybe do wanna say I'm part Scottish? After all? And then I thought... I don't know... I dunno if it's okay to just... change my mind. And I don't know anything about China. Like, at all. I can't just start claiming to be Chinese! Can I?
Alt text: I've never cared for the 180 degree rule.