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Iris: I don't see why not. Look, this stuff... it's complicated. There've been times I said I was plain Australian. And times I said just Sri Lankan. I can't even talk to my grandparents cos they don't speak English and I don't speak Tamil.
Emily: But does your family still... do Sri Lankan things?
Iris: Whatever that means! My Sri Lankan family thinks we're total Aussie converts but I guess no white person would. We usually go visit in the Easter Holidays for New Year and stuff, but... Everyone does their own culture differently. If you want some bar to pass, there isn't one. It's in your family, so! Besides, people are still gonna look at you and see you're not white.
Emily: They don't, though. Not everyone, anyway. That's what the others were arguing about before you came back from Ms James.
Iris: They what!? They should know better than that! Jerks! I guess being mixed has its own troubles. But yeah, there's no wrong time to learn about your heritage if you want to. Maybe you could ask your grandparents?
Alt text: Em's changed her mind about some things since Chapter 23.