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Emily: Was that Samuel, from year 9?
Maddy: Yeah, I think so.
Emily: I should've known, he's Abe's brother. When I next see Abe - ! This is not on! I'm sorry, I really rigged the social circuit against you.
Maddy: But you've got lots of friends now. Nobody hates you anymore. I don't know what I'm doing wrong...
Emily: Hey! You're not doing anything wrong. Nobody deserves bullying or invites it. Are there any other kids hassling you?
Maddy: No, everyone in year 7 and 8 have pretty much moved on. And I do have some friends now!
Emily: Yeah?
Maddy: Yeah. Megan and Tara. We all go to book club together.
Emily: That's great! What are they like?
Maddy: Um, Tara's really funny. And Megan likes horses.
Alt text: actually people are still pretty wary