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Emily: ABE!! I've got a bone to pick with you!
Abe: Oh yeah? What now?
Emily: Your little brother is the piece of shit that's been bullying Maddy!
Abe: Is that so?
Emily: Yeah! She missed the bus yesterday cos your brother and a couple of cronies were chucking her books around behind the foursquare court! And they're behind all her messed up uniform and missing homework! I chased them off and she's finally talking to me.
Abe: Well, I'm glad that's sorted out.
Emily: FUCK YOU! It ISN'T sorted out! You're going to give your brother the talking to of his LIFE!
Abe: Am I? What exactly am I meant to say to him?
Emily: Figure something out, cos if you don't make him stop, I will make him BLEED.
Alt text: that guy behind them is feeling uncomfortable with his locker's location