↓ Transcript
Emily: Just. Siddown.
(She pats the bed beside her.)
But - you're angry at me?
Emily: Yeah but we're gonna bloody talk about it.
Dee: Oh. I'm really sorry for leaving... I didn't mean to ruin it all...
Emily: You haven't! That's not even - It's not that you left!
Dee: Isn't it?
Emily: No!
Dee: I don't understand...
Emily: I'm upset, because I missed you, but you don't have to be my friend if you don't want to. You can make your own decisions, and I don't have to agree.
Dee: Is that why you stopped arguing?
Emily: Yeah. Although I kinda regret it. This turned out to be really frustratingly stupid.
Alt text: This isn't how I raised you!