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Dee: Oh. But you're mad about... something else?
Emily: I'm mad at you for projecting all your self hatred onto me. Like, honestly? You're the one who's always claimed to be ruining my life, and that everyone hates you, contrary to all evidence. I get it, OK? You perform a kind of unpopular function and nobody ever meets you except at difficult times in their life. And everyone has insecurities. But I have never wanted anything but to be your friend! Leaving is one thing. But it was YOUR decision, and blaming me for it isn't fair! You come back all bitter and punish me for things I never did or said?!? That's a pretty shitty thing to do.
Dee: I'm sorry. I have no idea how my memory went so astray. I've - been atrocious.
Emily: (SIGH) I realise you probably didn't do this on purpose. I think. But it still sucks.
Alt text: confusing and upsetting for all ;_;