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Emily: And you've told me so many times maybe I shouldn't be your friend, how could you be so angry at me even if I did decide that??
Dee: ... That's true.
Emily: I dunno though, maybe your memory made me out as a real jerk.
Dee: ...
Emily: I'm sorry, am I being too harsh? We've all had a really rough night, I could save this ranting.
Dee: No, it's ok, I'm so confused about everything I thought, I'd rather you tell me this. So... you're not mad that I left, just sad, but you are mad that I twisted events to blame you?
Emily: Dee: But... you don't hate me and think I'm completely awful and horrible?
Emily: (SIGH) NO.
Dee: Ok.
Emily: One last thing though.
Alt text: geez louise Dee