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Emily: Ella was just trying to see if she could help again, by the way. I told her I wouldn't break your trust and she accepted that.
Zoe: Oh! Ok. Thanks
Maddy: So um - why did you stay over last night, again?
Zoe: Uh - my mum couldn't get me after basketball training.
Maddy: Oh! I know you! You're in the seniors netball team! Your hair's different.
Zoe: Ah, I thought I recognised you! You're in juniors!
Emily: Hey, uh, does your mum know where you are? Did you tell her?
Zoe: ... She didn't check I got home safe, so-
Emily: Hmph. Screw her.
Zoe: Does your aunt... always make your lunches?
Emily: Only when she's got the morning off.
Zoe: wow
Alt text: all blonde girls play netball. fact