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Emily: What photos?
Zoe: The ones on facebook.
Emily: I don't have facebook.
Zoe: Really? Well, didn't anyone text them to you?
Emily: Hardly anyone has my number.
Zoe: Wow. I didn't think there was anyone who hadn't seen me nude...
Emily: Nude? They're spreading nudes!?
I told you, it's all true! I'm a slut! Still wanna be nice to me?
Emily: But that's awful!! Your friends are doing this?
Zoe: I don't know. I don't even know who took the photos I didn't take. I suspect it was Lucy who hacked my facebook, but I can't prove it or accuse her... but at this point... who isn't part of this?
Emily: Holy SHIT! That's incredibly illegal - on so many counts - Have you told the police? They could -
Zoe: Yeah, don't worry, they already laughed me away.
Emily: They what!?
Alt text:
cops are shit