↓ Transcript
Zoe: It doesn't matter. It's my fault, I made my bed. I trusted my boyfriend. I went to those parties, I drank too much. If I hadn't, there wouldn't be any photos to share.
Emily: Holy SHIT.
Zoe: I hope the people behind us aren't listening... not that it matters...
Emily: Don't worry, they're fairly preoccupied.
(Two younger boys in the seats behind them are playing on their phones yelling things like 'POLISH SILVERWARE')
Zoe, ditch your friends. Come hang out with us.
Zoe: Why, so I can bang all your friends too?
Emily: Well if you do I hope none of us betray your trust like that!
Zoe: You're just hoping I don't... do that again.
Emily: Yeah, I won't like, I really hope you don't.
Alt text: the bus is pretty noisy overall even without the loudest co-op phone game i know of (i don't think Space Team existed in 2011 though)