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Zoe: That really happened, didn't it? Of course it did.
Emily: You mean Dee?
Zoe: Dee? You call it that?
Emily: Uh, him, yeah. And he's normally a lot nicer than he was last night! He was just really pissed off at me. Bit of a misunderstanding.
Zoe: Can I ask... what happened?
Emily: ...So either that was an elaborate and pointless lie or his memory is terrible. Do you think I should believe him?
Zoe: Me? I dunno! But... in psych we're learning about memory, and the more you remember something, the less accurate it is? Like, every time you go over a memory, you rewrite it. ...maybe he was... just dwelling on it a lot..
Emily: That... makes sense? Plus, time is longer for him from all his zig-zagging... though then again, he doesn't really have a brain, so I'm not sure we can apply human psychology to him? He seems to think like a human but I dunno how much is act...
Zoe: That's - weird to think...
Alt text: I don't know how Dee's Chinese Box functions, but its output passes the Turing Test for every species of person he could possibly interact with, which is more than humans can claim. so there