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Zoe: That's ok. ...means I know you were being honest with me.
Emily: Ha! Only cos you were too observant to be fooled! Which is great for me! I hate all this lying. But I've never met anyone else who's seen him before! Well, who wasn't dying, obviously.
Zoe: Um. That's... another question I have. He saved me. Does he do that... often? Why me?
Emily: Uh. ... ...that's one of the things I'm gonna ask him about this arvo. From everything he's ever told me, he can't save people. He's always been super adamant about that. He CAN'T. But he did, so I dunno anymore!
Zoe: Oh.
Emily: Do you want me to pass on what he says when I ask?
Zoe: Yes please.
Alt text: he's been incredibly inconsistent lately. what is going on