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Zoe: I'm not like... fated for anything, am I?
Emily: I don't think he believes in fate, exactly. But then I thought he couldn't do this, so what do I know?
Zoe: Maybe there's a reason I have to live...
Emily: ... I think there's a reason regardless! Zoe... would you consider maybe going to talk to the school counsellor?
Zoe: No.
Emily: Are you sure? How about a doctor? Do you -
Zoe: No. I know what's wrong. It's not something a doctor or counsellor can fix. They'll just laugh like the police.
Emily: They might not, they might know how to-
Zoe: NO.
... Ok.
Alt text: every situation is different but I, the author, have personally found therapy and mental health treatment super helpful, it is definitely worth seeking help and treatment even if you think you're beyond fixing (as i did), I promise there will be something that suits you