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Emily: So, will you consider joining us at lunch?
Zoe: I'll consider it, but no promises!
Emily: Cool! That's all I ask.
Zoe: Thanks. Let me know how it goes with... with...
Emily: I will! See you in English! Take care, Zoe!
(They both walk to the locker room, but not together. Emily opens her locker and finds a note inside, which reads: Hi Emily! I promise I won't leave you hanging again. I was þinking we could meet in þe park after you get home? It's going to be pretty empty.
Love from d
Emily writes in response: CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Let's hang out in the sky! If you check this again LOL ♥ Em)
Alt Text:
it's pretty easy to slip notes in behind the doors even when they're locked