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Markus: Hey Ange! How'd you sleep last night?
Angie: Like a LOG! Can't believe production's over! No more stress...
Iris: Until the Physics SAC next period! Hey Emily! You'll ace it I'm sure.
Emily: Dunno, my study got cut short last night. Oh yeah, and if Zoe comes and hangs out with us at some point, don't be weird, guys.
Markus: Zoe? You mean Zoe Jerome?
Iris: "Weird"!?
Harrison: Why would Zoe hang out with us?
Emily: She probably won't, I just ran into her after school yesterday and we chatted.
Iris: But she's in the cool group!
Markus: There's a "cool group"? I didn't think we had cliques at this school!
Emily: This is a clique, Markus!
Alt Text: I've always been Markus. oblivious 4lyf