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Markus: What?
Harrison: We're not a clique!
Emily: Oh my god. You guys literally voted on whether I could sit with you.
Iris: But that was just YOU! We're not exclusive the rest of the time, we're just unpopular!
Emily: You are not, you're the cool nerds.
Iris: Since when?
Emily: I don't know if you've noticed but our whole group is like - GUARANTEED next year's prefectures.
Iris: Aw come on!
Emily: Go ahead and deny it! Wanna hear my predictions? Harrison and Jad - Head Boy and Girl, unless one gets Debating Prefect. Abe - Erica House Captain. Markus - Literary Prefect. Angie - Drama. Iris - Music.
Markus: What! Those aren't guaranteed - just cos there's no competition for Literary -
Harrison: Hmm, what about you, Em?
Iris: She gets almost as many Best Speakers as you and Jad! You two could be Heads and leave her Debating.
Emily: Haha! No I'm just here to have high profile friends, obviously! I'm head bully, everyone knows that.
Harrison: I suppose if Zoe joins us she can be Sports? Round us out a bit!
Markus: I still don't get why she would? Even if we'd get voted in, we still don't have much in common with jocks...?
Alt text: the jock/nerd dichotomy is false anyway. as is the idea that nerds=unpopular. but lo we fall for it