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Iris: Yeah, we don't do any wild parties or any of that... Heard she's pretty into those!
Angie: Hm, I'd be sick of them if I were her.
Emily: Guys I didn't bring this up to invite speculation. Just had a chance encounter and a good chat, is all.
Angie: This all seems quite pointed, though... do you have, perhaps, a crush?
Emily: Tch! No.
Iris: Oh? That's what they all say!
Angie: What? All the boys have crushes on her!
Harrison: This is true, they do.
Markus: No it's not! I don't!
Angie: Well Abe has a crush on her!
Abe (arriving): Who do I have a crush on? I have no crushes! I AM UNCRUSHABLE
Markus: Ah, hey Abe!
Alt text: gossip hounds