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(Zoe is sitting on a table with her two friends Lydia and Lucy.)
I just can't get over how tired you look! Are you sure you don't need a nap?
Zoe: I'm really fine... I just didn't have time to put makeup on today...
Lydia: Ah yes, that's what it is! Amazing the difference it makes.
Lucy: Don't you have spare in your locker?
Zoe: Not... currently... I guess I used it up.
Lydia: I can't imagine not doing even the bare minimum to look nice. It's not like it takes long! It's like, basic self respect. You know?
Lucy: Mm, but be considerate; frizzy hair and freckles must take more effort to get decent.
Lydia: Oh of course! I'm sorry Zoe!
Zoe (blushing): Actually... I think you're right... maybe I do still have some spare... I'll go... touch up...
Lydia: Oh no! Was I too blunt?
(They giggle as Zoe strides away.)
Alt text:
Lydia and Lucy: scum and scummer