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Dee: I can't even control which form I take!
Emily: Maybe it's just practise? And I'm really sorry for ripping your robe without asking. I didn't have this on me, because I wasn't prepared to go out, and I was really pissed at you. I shouldn't have done that.
Dee: That's ok, I was being as horrible as possible.
Emily: What, really?
Dee: Yeah, I was doing my absolute worst last night. I was really annoyed. You were right, I put you in a bad situation and I... I was trying to make it extra hard for you. I don't think I considered exactly how cruel that was, but I did it on purpose. I'm sorry.
Emily: Wait, are you saying that was the worst - Oh! Oh! I've got my next question!
Dee: Yeah?
Emily: You saved Zoe's life. How? Isn't that against your whole thing?
Alt text: I'll critique your chosen form of revenge later