↓ Transcript
Dee: Ah. The thing is, I didn't save her.
Emily: What?
Dee: You did.
Emily: OH MY GOD that's your excuse!? Dude. You came to me, said 'I need you to do this thing', and then put me in the position to do it. You orchestrated the whole thing!
Dee: No, no, I just did what I knew I was going to do.
Emily: What?
Dee: Did you notice the bit where there were two of me? You were a bit preoccupied, but -
Emily: Oh! Yeah, I did see you out of the corner of my eye. What was that?
Dee: That was my past self turning up by accident. Zoe was never dying. She was never going to die last night, because you were there.
Alt text: dee acting like all this is obvious, like he wasn't EXTREMELY uncertain about it at the time