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Emily: How were you there by accident?
Dee: Someone was dying across the road. I missed by a few hundred metres.
Emily: ...
Dee: Hey, don't judge me, I'm extremely accurate! I've never been off by more than a kilometre, or an hour or so, even at my most preoccupied. In the scale of everything, that's pretty good! And nearly 100% of the time, I'm bang on!
Emily: Ok, ok, I just - What happens to the person you missed?
Dee: I readjust my aim. I still get them at the right time, of course.
Emily: There's no consequences?
Dee: Nah, just a bit of private embarrassment. It's like they stay on my to-do list until I get it done.
Emily: Hm. So you turned up by accident, then what?
Dee: I saw you comforting her. Nobody was dying. And I was there, and I told me I had to fetch you so that you could save this girl.
Emily: I don't think you should be able to say I saved her, if you didn't.
Alt text: A one in a million error plus a complete coincidence.