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Dee: Why not? You saved her, I didn't. I knew what had to happen, you didn't.
Emily: But if she was never in danger -
Dee: She was in danger! It just turned out ok.
Emily: What, so it's only knowing that makes the difference?
Dee: I think it's the main thing, yeah.
Emily: But we both acted in ways that prevented her from dying! If either of us wasn't there, she would've died.
Dee: But if you were there and I wasn't, you could've saved her.
Emily: No! I needed your scythe!
Dee: You didn't need it, it was just the most convenient thing to use.
Emily: How else could I have got her down? I couldn't have left her on the chair and run for scissors! She wouldn't have stood on her own, and I had no idea she wasn't gonna kick it over again!
Dee: I think you could have done it, one way or another.
Emily: I don't! Besides, I don't think you can pretend I could have saved her without you, because I would never have even been there!
Dee: What about your lie? I thought it seemed plausible.
Emily: Well it wasn't! We both acted in vital ways to save her.
Alt text:One of those pages that has me flipping through my old epistemology textbook like 'who were we reading when we talked about ''possible worlds''?' I remember some of my lecturer's examples but not the reading for that week. Ah well