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Dee: You keep saying 'acted' as though that makes all the difference.
Emily: It does! What, you can get credit for something without doing anything?
Dee: That's not - No, look. Imagine you're driving. And you've got cruise control on, and you're on a straight road, so you're not doing a lot. And then someone comes and crosses the road, and in order to not hit them, you brake. That's not saving their life, even though you acted. If you didn't act, you would have killed them.
Emily: That's because driving itself is an action. You're responsible for driving the car safely.
Dee: Yeah, and I'm responsible for making sure people die when they're supposed to. No sooner, no later.
Emily: So, you save people who aren't supposed to die?
Dee: NO! It's not saving them, then, it's just - not messing up the order of things.
Alt text: apparently when i draw kangaroos i get 'sounds of then (this is australia)' stuck in my head