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Dee: I promise. Besides, it's really lonely and boring without you.
Emily: Really? You always used to say it wasn't like that.
Dee: Yeah, well, I guess I didn't know any better. Or maybe I'm just a different person now. But not being able to look forward to hanging out with you after a while of work... sucks.
Emily: So did you do anything, or just wallow?
Dee: Oh dear. Well - I'm still going to classes on stuff... and I watched all of Earth's space launches... and my favourite volcanoes a bunch of times... and, um, started to try completing chess...?
Emily: Haha! What!
Dee: Had to give up on that, though, because - prepare to be completely shocked - even if that's possible, my memory isn't good enough to keep track of which games I'd already played.
Emily: Wow, you're right, shocking.
Dee: Yeah. Even writing it down I kept getting mixed up. No good. Also, I prefer playing with you.
Emily: Aw. Did you do anything else?
Dee: Well of course I still edit Wikipedia - they call me the Citation Hunter now -
Emily: Oh yeah!
Alt text: can an immortal monkey with a typewriter complete chess