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Emily: On that topic, before you rudely cut me off, I was going to say: do you have an email address?
Dee: No, you don't need one for Wikipedia. That's the entirety of my online presence.
Emily: Huh. Well when we get home, we're making you an email address so I can contact you if you disappear. And you'll bloody check it!
Dee: Haha, ok. That's a good idea.
Emily: Anyway, keep going.
Dee: With what?
Emily: Did you do anything else?
Dee: ... Okay, don't laugh, but I... decided to try learning the piano?
Emily: Oh my god! That's awesome!! Why would I laugh!
Dee: First of all, you haven't heard me. Second of all... I accidentally convinced a family in Amsterdam that their piano is haunted?
Emily: Whaaaaaaaaat!
Dee: I only played when they weren't home, but... their neighbours were, uh, more observant than I expected, and more nosey...
Emily: Ok, you're gonna have to play for me some time!
Dee: Ahh, I don't think so.
Emily: Come onnn!
Alt text: he had the practise pedal on, too