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(In Emily's room) Dee:
Ugh! Why does an email account need a date of birth?
Emily: I dunno, marketing?
Dee: This is silly! Why would it list years back to the 1800s if it forbids you from choosing them!
Emily: Huh!
(At school, another day) Dee: We're allowed to be in here?
Emily: Yup! I booked this practise room. No one will come in.
Dee: Alright. Ok. I can do this. (He begins to play, making small exclamations when he messes up:) Ah ... oops, um ... wait ... no! (Gives up and rests his head on the keys) Argh! I could play it befooore... I could...!
Emily: I know, Dee, it's ok! That was still super impressive!!
Dee: nooo it wasn't, I messed it all up...
Emily: It was way better than I could ever do!!
(In Emily's room, another day) Dee: Ok, so Kenneth's going to die at 2:37pm, June 20th.
Emily: Alright, putting that in...
Dee: But Lin's not going to die for another three years.
Emily: Wow, really!?
Alt text: i tried to serenade my girlfriend once and it went worse than that