↓ Transcript
Emily: No, not staring, just... looking at you.
Dee: ...
Emily: Oh dear. I'm sorry, I should have thought about this. You've never... really been visible before. People- Humans are all about visual perception. Well, most are. We look at our environment, including people around us. But we tend to avoid eye contact with strangers, unless we gotta talk. (She sits next to him.) I promise you, Dee, nobody's staring. And I know staring. I get stares. That's not what's happening. Maybe someone's giving you an extra look cos you're so tall, but... that's not suspicious.
Dee: ...
Emily: I'm so sorry, I didn't consider how alien just being seen would feel.
Dee: But what about the veering?
Emily: I'd imagine that's... People don't usually pass through each other; they're probably adjusting their path so they don't walk into you. Again, your height - even the rude might give you space.
Alt text: so many new interactions available... like when you're approaching someone and then neither of you make up your mind about which way you'll walk around each other and then you both sort of glitch out and have to pause and acknowledge each other and it's awkward... so much to look forward to, Dee