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Dee: Are you sure?
Emily: Absolutely dead sure! From my perspective - someone who is never invisible, but sometimes wears outfits that border on outlandish, and has in the past conducted loud conversations with someone who is invisible - we are getting no weird reactions at all. I promise. You were doing really well.
Dee: ... Really?
Emily: I had no idea you were freaking out. It was all going perfectly.
Dee: I'm really freaking out.
Emily: Yeah, I see that.
Dee: What if... what if they are really upset by seeing me though...
Emily: Dee I know this is a very stressful situation for you but don't you think that's a bit paranoid? Or - wait, no. How about you go check if anyone who's seen you so far has any sort of negative reaction later?
Dee: ... maybe... I could do that...
Emily: Go on, it might make you feel better. Or at least, you'll find out if anything actually happens.
(He vanishes and then reappears.)
Everything... seems fine...
Emily: That's great!
Alt text: i guess he just did a quick tour of the next few days/weeks for everyone who saw him, checking for anything from conversations containing 'i saw a weird man today' to nervous breakdowns or murderous rampages. good news: as well as none of that happening, he managed to keep his clothes from changing