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Policeman: We're going to search you, it won't take long.
Emily: What! Why!?
Policeman: This is a designated stop and search area.
Emily: Since when!
Dee: It's ok, Emily.
Emily: No! It's not! You can't do that! What!
Policeman: It's an offence to resist.
Dee: I'm not resisting. Emily, shh.
Policewoman (to Emily): Would you step aside please?
(Emily moves a short distance away with the policewoman, while in the background Dee gets patted down by the policeman.)
Why are you searching him? What are you searching him for? Are you gonna search me?
Policewoman: No, it's ok. We're not searching everyone.
(In the background: Policeman: Please remove your outer garment.
Dee: Ok)
Is everything alright? You seem distressed.
Emily: Uh, yeah, you're searching my friend! He has anxiety! We were just on our way to - WHAT! What the heck! You can't strip him -
Policewoman: We're not, we just have to check -
Alt text: advice from victoria legal aid: 'Stay calm. Searches can be fast and confusing.'