↓ Transcript
Emily (running back to Dee): Leave him alone!
Policeman: Well, uh, that's done now, that's all. You can go. (He walks away.) I thought he'd have a shirt on...
(Dee puts his hoodie back on while Emily glares after the police.)
Emily, are you ok?
Emily: Me? Of course! Are you ok?
Dee: Yes, I'm fine.
Emily: I'm so sorry! I can't believe that just happened - I've never -
Dee: I assume there's some sort of explanation on this paper...?
Emily: Oh yeah! Can I read it after you? (They read it together.) ... Recent violent events in this area? I didn't know that! Jeez, what bad luck - of all the days - And they happened to pick you - what a lousy coincidence!
Dee: It's not a coincidence.
Alt text: nothing like a bit of 'i told you so' to cheer you up!