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<b>Emily:</b> Dee, it wasn't about you, they were just -
<b>Dee:</b> No, it was, but it's ok! I'm a bit calmer now!
<b>Emily:</b> Are you kidding!?
<b>Dee:</b> No! It's the sort of thing I expected, so I don't feel <b>completely</b> crazy... but you're right, they must think I'm - you know - <b>(whispers)</b> human. <b>(normal voice)</b> I believe you!
<b>Emily:</b> Well that's good! But I'm not convinced they stopped you for being suspicious.
<b>Dee:</b> I think I unsettled them, but I don't think they knew <b>why</b>.
<b>Emily:</b> You don't think they could have picked you at random, like the notice said?
<b>Dee:</b> They might think so, but they can't help but profile. They'll only stop people they think are worth searching, and that will be based on a snap judgement.
<b>Emily:</b> So why didn't they search <b>me</b>!? I'm the disaffected youth!!
<b>Dee:</b> You're a middle class private school girl.
<b>Emily:</b> What do you know about class?
<b>Dee:</b> Not a lot, but here we are at your hipster cafe. What'll it be, a chai latte and smashed avo toast?
<b>Emily:</b> When did you get so rude!
<b><i>Alt text:</b> Look at me! I'M PUNK