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Emily: Excuse me?!? What do you know about our lives?
Teacher: Emily! Sit down, and don't raise your voice at me again.
Emily: No! How dare you say shit like that! That's irresponsible-
Teacher (snapping book shut): Wait outside the classroom, I'll speak to you in a minute.
(Emily is outside the classroom, the teacher's voice is audible through the door.)
...so you can all get on with that while I deal with this. (She comes out.) Now, Emily. Do not swear at me. If you have issues you'd like to raise, you can do so politely and without disrupting my class.
Emily: Well, don't say dangerous things to a bunch of teenagers. Cos I'll speak up.
Teacher: I'm sorry, what exactly did I say that you're so offended by?
Alt text: you think sending me out here was gonna stop me scolding you???