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Emily: Just - the whole - Well firstly, saying none of us would know anything of suicide? That's stupid! Do you not know depression statistics? Any of us could be suicidal or know someone! You don't know! And since you don't, being so judgey is plain dangerous!
Teacher: I was discussing the poem and the attitudes of its writer. Literature often takes on challenging-
Emily: There was a lot of bloody editorialising! Also I don't agree with your reading, I don't think that's the view in the poem. Either way, you're the teacher, you pick the poems, and you sure as heck didn't have to give a whole speech on how selfish and weak suicidal people are!
Teacher: I said they should get help and keep living! Suggesting suicide is in any way a good thing would be what's irresponsible!
Emily: But you were super loaded and judgey about it! Obviously suicide is awful, but think about it - if someone's in a situation where dying seems the better option, something is very wrong. It's not like, I woke up today and couldn't be bothered.
Alt text: you KNOW i am a star english student and debater and also general angry girl, i WILL tell you how to interpret your own use of language