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Emily: If someone thinks they're so awful and worthless that part of why they're contemplating suicide is to not be a burden on everyone, calling them selfish isn't going to give them any self-esteem, it'll only add more fucking shame!!
Teacher: If you keep swearing at me you are going to get detention.
Emily: Ok, great, fine, I just - It's hard! You say living takes strength!? Absolutely! But if it's that hard, you gotta ask why, you gotta figure out what'd help, you gotta not blame people for struggling! And you can't assume people aren't!
Teacher: ... Are you struggling with this? Because... the school offers counselling services, and you know you can talk to any of your tutors...
Emily: No, ugh, I know, it's not me, but - I'm upset about this, yeah, because I've talked someone down, ok? And I'm still really worried about them. And my best friend has seen so many suicides it's not funny. And in my family- It happens! All the time! There was that boy the other year! You're a teacher, you talk to teens all day every day! It's our last year of high school, we're gonna be all kinds of stressed!
Alt text: no offense but dee is an outlier adn should not have been counted