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Zoe: You know, I'm really not that upset about what Ms Martin said, if that's what you're thinking.
Emily: Oh ok! Were you crying about something else?
Zoe: What! You saw me?
Emily: Um, a little bit
Zoe: Do you think anyone else saw!?
Emily: Probably not, you were very subtle! I only saw because I thought to look!
Zoe: Ugh, that's embarrassing. I'm sorry. You know what's stupid, I'm always wishing someone would notice, and ask what's wrong, but now you have, and I'm just mortified. Like, am I being attention-seeking or not!? I'm just an idiot. (Slurps on a juice box.)
No you're not, that makes sense!
Zoe: How does that make any sense.
Emily: Well, nobody's one dimensional? It seems like, on one level, you're really fucking sad, and you want help, and people to care, but on another, you feel like you shouldn't be sad, so if anyone did care, you wouldn't deserve it.
Alt text: Emily 'I've-Done-A-Bit-Of-Googling' Moore