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Emily: Which is bullshit, so you know. As well as a vicious cycle, cos you just get sadder and blame yourself more.
Zoe: ...
Emily: I mean, I'm guessing.
Zoe (doing finger guns): So uh, why aren't you in psych? Did you do 3, 4 in year eleven or is this another know-it-all thing?
Emily: Haha, I'm a know-it-all, through and through. Nah, I wanted to do too many subjects. Psych got nudged off the bottom of the list.
Zoe: Ah, so it's for want of a time-turner.
Emily: Exactly!
Zoe: Hey, I'd guess you're in Ravenclaw, right?
Emily: Nah, I'm either Slytherin or Griffindor, usually. Kind of a split.
Zoe: Huh! Yeah, I see that. I always get Ravenclaw but I kinda feel like I'd be Hufflepuff. I dunno.
Emily: No, I think Ravenclaw makes sense!
Zoe: Really?
Emily: Yup! And you'd have to be quidditch captain or something.
Zoe: Pff, doubt it. I always thought it was dumb they only have the one sport.
Emily: Yeah! And sitting on a broom doesn't seem all that athletic!
Alt text: Dee is, obviously, a Hufflepuff