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Zoe: No, I reckon it'd take a lot of balance and strength and dexterity, and coordination, especially for handling the bats and balls and all that. I think it'd be like ... polo.
Emily: Oh! Ok! ...do you play polo too!?
Zoe: No! Haha! I've ridden a pony maybe once? When I was five?
Emily: Sorry, I lose count, jock!
Zoe: Haha. Um, you're still not on facebook, are you?
Emily: Uh, no, why?
Zoe: Oh, just... they did a new fake account after the other one got deleted.
Emily: Oh WHAT! I didn't know they were still at it!?
Zoe: I'm trying to avoid looking at any of it. I think I need a new phone number. Do you know if I can do that? Without getting a new phone?
Emily: Yeah, yeah, that'd be easy. They're still texting you and everything!? Augh, this is bullshit!
Alt text: what, you took the conversation back to the uncomfortable topic YOURSELF after diverting it? i've never not had to be a nag, this is an unfamiliar experience, wow