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Emily: I can't believe everyone got over me in like, a term, but this is still going on for you!
Zoe: Yeah, well. It all got sparked up again when they announced the captaincies. I guess people are mad, cos they're saying I must've... slept with Brenno.
Emily: Mr Brennan!?
Zoe: Which I haven't, as far as I know.
Emily: Yeah, no DUH! No, people voted for you, Zoe, because you've got mad skills, and you're super dedicated, and people like you!
Zoe: Kinda hard to believe that, heh.
Emily: It's true though! You got, what, five captaincies?
Zoe: Four. Swimming, basketball, footy, tennis.
Emily: You got those fair and square!
Zoe: It makes me feel crazy, cos like, I know that? But I get all these texts every day, and... I just don't know what I did to deserve this. I mean, I know exactly what I di-
Emily: You don't. I reckon it's just Lucy and Lydia being jealous.
Zoe: But they also got captaincies!
Emily: Not just of that. You're also hotter and more popular than them.
Alt text: sportsball extraordinaire