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Zoe: I am - not?
Emily: Yeah you are! You've always been the nice one -
Zoe: You mean the easy one?
Emily: Zoe! No, even before that -
Zoe: When I was the frigid one?
Emily: Zoe!! Stop it! Everyone knows you're sweet, and funny, and just... a babe!
Zoe: So I should take this as a compliment?
Emily: No, that's not what I'm saying! Heck!
Zoe: How come you say all of this with such surety when you don't even know the rumours?
Emily: I'm out of date. I used to sit by myself and eavesdrop on people all the time, but I don't anymore. Also, now everyone knows I'm your friend, they're all careful around me. I still know some things though. For better or worse, you are the hottest girl in school. Everyone wants to date you.
Zoe: They want to bang me. That's not the same thing.
Alt text: Not mutually exclusive though