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Zoe: Nobody would love me now.
Emily: That's not true at all!! But also, like... Zoe, we're super young still? This is not gonna follow you your whole life. We only have one year left here anyway?
Zoe: One hundred and forty three school days left. Not counting exams.
Emily: ... Oh, right. Exactly!
Zoe: I can't wait to leave here, but I never expected to make it to uni, either. I dunno what I'll do.
Emily: You can do anything, Zoe.
Zoe: Heh. All the motivational speakers are like, follow your passions... what passions? Maybe sport, as if it's easy to just, be a professional athlete... Even if I was good enough, what if I got bored? What if I lose the only thing that gets me out of my head, makes me feel alive? Even when my teammates are hell? I can't imagine a future that isn't just, wake up, eat, work, sleep, pointlessly until you die.
Emily: ... You really feel like that?
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