↓ Transcript
Zoe: Uh, kinda. Not always probably? A lot of the time.
Emily: You know there are ways to treat depression? That I really think are worth looking into?
Zoe: I'm not depressed, I'm just-
Emily: Really fucking depressed?
Zoe: Everyone feels like this sometimes.
Emily: Maybe a bit, but not like this!
Zoe: It's fine, it's probably just the whole situation here, and you're right, it probably won't follow me out. I'm sure I'll feel better when it's over.
Emily: I would hope so, but still...
(Later that day, Emily and Dee are on Emily's bed in her room.)
Emily: ...so what now? We've finally talked about it, but I'm still stumped.
Dee: That's sad, I was hoping she'd be feeling better by now.
Emily: I mean, same, but that was always optimistic. Even if she wasn't still being bullied... UGH!
Alt text: soon recess ended and they had to go back to class