↓ Transcript
Emily: I don't know what to do, but I want to help somehow...?
Dee: ... Maybe you could... I dunno either.
Emily: The only sort of idea I had was to ask the others to send her uplifting messages, like on Facebook and email and text and that, to break up or overpower the hate ones... but there's a risk they'd link it to my outburst in English and put two and two together... So I don't think Zoe'd like that much.
Dee: Hm. Yeah, probably she wouldn't. But otherwise that sounds nice...
Emily: ...
Dee: ... Maybe... Maybe I could email her?
Emily: Oh yeah! She knows you already know! Good idea!
Dee: I've never sent an email before! What should I say?
Emily: Just nice things! You'll do great!
Dee: Maybe I'll do it now?
Emily: Yeah! The addresses are in my outlook.
Dee: Ok!
Alt text: i won't even proofread what you write, because i have complete confidence in this plan!!!!!!!!!