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(Emily and Maddy are reading at the bus stop when Dee appears, in distress.)
Emily! Emily it wasn't a good idea! Oh no, you gotta talk to Zoe, I'm sorry, she wasn't pleased, aah!
Emily (whipping out her phone and pretending to answer it): Ah! Uh, hello, yes, oh shit what happened!?
Dee: Well I said, hi Zoe, I hope you're having a nice day, I don't know you very well but you seem lovely and I hope things go ok, and she replied, who the fuck is this, are you trying to mess with my head, if you're after nudes I'm all OUT, get a LIFE, CREEP, so I replied and said it's only me but maybe that's even worse I don't know aaaa!
Emily: Ok, don't worry, I'll sort it out, don't freak too hard. It's gonna be ok.
Emily: I promise it will be ok!
(Dee vanishes and Emily taps her phone to 'hang up'.)
Oh geez.
Maddy: Who was that!?
Alt text: that was just my friend Anxiety calling because we accidentally cyberbullied my other friend Depression