↓ Transcript
(Emily is waiting near the car drop-off zone at school. Zoe is getting out of a car.)
Zoe: Yeah yeah, I'll get the bus, no worries.
Emily: Zoe! Hey!
Zoe: Hey.
Emily: I heard my cunning email plan backfired, I'm really sorry, are you ok?
Zoe: It's fine.
Emily: It doesn't seem like it is?
Zoe (shaking her head): Sorry! It is, really! I don't mean to be ungrateful.
Emily: No, Zoe, if I try to do something nice but it hurts you instead, you don't need to be grateful! I messed up!! I know you were upset. Please don't act like it's cool when it's not!
Zoe: ... You want me to be straight with you?
Emily: Please! Always!
Alt text: thing is i'm trying very hard to be straight already and it's not working out for me