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Zoe: ... Everyone says that, but... Then again, you haven't thrown any of this in my face, so far, or shut down anything I say or stopped talking to me... Ok, the thing is... when all those messages are coming at me from everywhere, it's not about - well, it's about what they say, but also, all these people have my number and I have no idea how, or who they are. I'd really just... rather you didn't give out my contact details without me knowing.
Emily: Wow, fair enough! That very much should have been obvious! I am sorry! It won't happen again!
Zoe: Thanks. Sorry. It really freaked me out.
Emily: Yeah. In hindsight, me knowing he already scares you should've made me think too.
Zoe: Probably, though turns out not having to see him mitigates the horror a bit... or maybe I'm feeling better now? I dunno. Mostly I thought it was... some kinda set-up.. but then I always think that when people do anonymous nice things for me. Guess I'm paranoid.
Emily: Oh! Do people already do that?
Zoe: Well, one time someone tidied my locker and left me a sweet note? I'm still mystified, but if it was a ploy, it never came to anything.
Emily: Oh, uh, actually, that was me too.
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