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<b>Zoe (laughing):</b> What! Oh my god! Of course it was bloody you! Far out!
<b>Emily:</b> I thought you knew! I was the only other person in the room!
<b>Zoe:</b> I don't even remember you being there! I thought someone had rigged a trap in my locker!
<b>Emily:</b> Is that why it collapsed?
<b>Zoe:</b> No, haha, that was just the shitty pegs holding the shelves up, or not, as the case may be.
<b>Emily:</b> Why are they so bad! You'd think this school would invest in some lockers that hold together!
<b>Zoe:</b> And that stay locked.
<b>Emily:</b> Mm. They probably spent a fortune on them as is.
<b>Zoe:</b> Yeah! Wow, so mystery solved, you've been trying to be nice to me for ages.
<b>Emily:</b> I could have tried <b>harder</b>. I should've gone after you to see if you were ok.
<b>Zoe:</b> Eh, I'd have been scared and embarrassed, said it was PMS. <b>(Dropping voice to a whisper while she speaks:)</b> Um, on that, don't... yell at any more teachers, or anyone, on my behalf, like yesterday, if that's ok... that was scary too.
<i><b>Alt text:</b> call out post for shitty lockers