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Emily: Pardon? Oh!
Zoe (whispering): I was terrified you'd be like, exhibit A! Someone who tried to, you know.
Emily (normal voice): I would never! (whispering:) I tried to cover up my investment, I don't think she suspected...
Zoe (whispering): I know, I know. Sorry. I'm just afraid. Also it isn't just her I'm worried about.
Emily (whispering): ... Right. (Normal voice:) Well I'm sorry for scaring you. I won't do that again. I will admit, it was rather reckless.
Zoe: But we do need people like you in the world! Who unhesitatingly fight for good!
Emily: Yeah but looking before you leap is also wise, I've heard.
Zoe: Heh. Wow, this is revolutionary, this whole talk about what's bothering you instead of giving your mates the cold shoulder when they displease you!
Emily: I know right!? Reckon I should introduce the concept to Lucy and Lydia? (Punches one fist into her other palm) I can be very persuasive!
Zoe: For the last time, I don't need you to punch anyone! That's an even worse communication style!
Emily: Only barely!
Alt text: abe hears only the last bit and appears like: EMILY WHY ARE YOU CONSTANTLY ON THE VERGE OF VIOLENCE WTF!!! everyone else: p sure it's at least partly facetious dude? chill? emily, shrugging: sure. my offer stands