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Emily: Hey, Dee! I've got a proposition for you!
Dee: Oh! What kind of proposition?
Emily: A fun one! But which may worry you a bit.
Dee: Well... consider the worrying commenced?
Emily: It's not that scary! It's the year 12 formal. It's coming up, and I think I'll go, for once. And, well, I'm wondering if you'd like to come, as my friend.
Dee: What!? Why!?
Emily: Because I'd like people to meet you. I thought this'd be a good chance.
Dee: But... I don't... your friends won't want to meet me!
Emily: Sure they will! And so will Ella and Alan.
Dee: Your family too!? I'm not sure about this...
Emily: I know, dude, but I have actually put some thought into it. Go on, hit me with your objections! I'll rebut 'em!
Alt text: Oh no I thought we were going to play regular chess, I didn't know it was going to be a metaphor!