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Dee: ... Fine. Number one: is Zoe going? I don't want to ruin her night.
Emily: I was already planning to ask. If she doesn't want to see you again, she gets power of veto.
Dee: What about everyone else? They'll find me creepy too.
Emily: We already tested that in the street, and -
Dee: And I got a "random" police search!
Emily: Look, police are one thing. Their whole job was to be suspicious. At the formal, everyone is gonna be in a party mood! Plus a lot will be drunk.
Dee: Well, I don't look human.
Emily: We already found nobody thinks that! You look peculiar and a bit ill, is all.
Dee: That may still take explaining. You'll have to lie, a lot.
Emily: I know, I know. But that's easy, people have illnesses! They still go to formals. If we do it right, the illness can also explain why you won't eat dinner.
Emily: Yeah! But it's ok! There's nothing about you that's obviously outside the normal human range.
Dee: SIGH I'm sure I don't look like a teenager. Surely you're meant to only bring people in your age group?
Alt text: dee turns up in his yolo shirt: hello fellow teens!