↓ Transcript
Emily: I don't think so, but we'll just say you're 21.
Dee: I don't look 21!
You don't look any age, just grey and emaciated. The illness can cover that!
Dee: Well what if... what if people assume we're... dating!?
Emily: They shouldn't! People are allowed to bring friends. I know someone who's bringing their cousin. If anyone still assumes, they're wrong, so who cares. (Also, make your move.)
Dee: Won't everyone think it strange if you turn up with someone you've never mentioned before?
Emily: Oh but I have! To my family, at least.
Emily: Only, like, offhand anecdotes - my friend Dee said this funny thing today, that sort of stuff. Ella and Alan think you're just an ordinary friend. (I think they think you're from school, but, still.) The guys haven't heard of you, but Zoe knows you.
Dee: oh my god
Emily: Besides, I've got my general air of mystery.
Alt text: 'hey do you think that ageless undead-looking guy emily brought is a vampire or something?' 'dunno, could be, she's pretty mysterious like that'